4 Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health

The theme for this years' world mental health day - Mental health care for all: let's make it a reality.

Our mental health is an essential resource for life just like our physical health. For some reason, we still neglect it. Well, in this day and age where it is not frowned upon, it’s time to take action!
So, you’re wondering where do I start? This article has got those answers for you, you’re welcome.

First step, can you guess? Spend time in nature.

Research has shown that being in nature especially around trees lifts moods. Being around a vast wooded area, or taking in the breathtaking scenery of a hike makes you think and feel centered and at home with yourself. Not to also mention vitamin d from the sun improves moods and decreases stress.
So open your Google Maps or which ever app you use to figure out how to get to a place and search for nearest place for a walk.

Spend quality time with a close friend and talk about it.

Research shows that socializing lowers stress and anxiety levels decreases. Talking to a close friend, going through your concerns or feelings, helps you find news ways of dealing with challenges and gives a sense of stability and comfort. Yes, I know, you worry about being judged when sharing your emotions and experiences. However, think about this, a real close friend will provide support and not pass judgment. So, pick up the phone, or send a text to meet up with your close friend and get a dose of the best medicine, laughter.


I hope you are not surprised to see this on the list. Many research have shown  exercising releases endorphins that acts as natural antidepressants by putting you in a good mood. The key takeaway here is regular exercise, even fifteen minutes a day can make you feel the benefits, reducing anxiety, stress,  while also helping with sleep which keeps the blues away.

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Random act of kindness

Research shows the act of kindness releases serotonin the hormone that makes you feel happy, oxytocin the hormone that lowers blood pressure which creates an emotional warmth, and endorphins the brains’ natural pain killer. Even better, multiply this by 2, meaning while you feel these hormonal changes, the person you just did a nice thing for will feel the exact same thing. Can someone say, 2for1 special?! If you feel uncomfortable with speaking to a stranger this article on Waterford website has some great ideas to get you started. Go on, create a positive chain effect.
If you or someone you know need more than these tips, then there are some helplines you can call. Tap for the list.
Remember, it’s not only about looking good, but also feeling good.
Please feel free to share your tips for good mental health in the comments.
Thanks for reading xx

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  • Thanks very much for those encouraging informations.

    Albertha S. Kudjordji

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