6 Small Businesses You Should Know and Support

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"Supporting another's success won't ever dampen yours" Unknown

Not all small businesses are created equally. Yes, it's obvious, but what I mean by that is, not all businesses actually give value to their customers. Well, I have 6 small businesses for you that focus on fitness and living a healthier lifestyle. 


Earned Not Given

Want to start your fitness journey but do not know how? Struggling to meet your fitness goals? Not sure what to eat or how much? Well then an online coach is what you need. Not just any, one that has 20+ years of experience, one who practices what he preaches, and one who will work hard so you can achieve your fitness goals. He offers plans that includes workout, diet, and more.

Get Karenated

Karen, a dance instructor of 22+ years teaches Zumba and the Horton technique online. Not only does she helps you get fit with her online classes, but also provides great tips on her Instagram page. Her positive and motivating attitude will surely have you wanting to learn more about her.

Aprende yoga con Goyi - Goyiyoga

 If you've ever wanted to learn yoga and/or wanted to learn Spanish then you must subscribe to Gloria's YouTube channel. She uploads a yoga lesson every week and they are all beginner friendly. Trust me, I have tried a few! Her love for yoga can be sensed while watching her videos, although I am not able to understand some of what she says, my body is able to follow along and so will yours.



Food For Sports

Ever wanted to eat pasta and or a muffin but stopped yourself because there was too much carbs and fat in it? Well, Food for Sports are the answers to your dreams. Their range of food focuses on muscle recovery, muscle gains, and improve their overall exercise routine. Did I mention they have muffins, cakes, biscuits, bread, PASTA? address your cravings while not losing the hardwork you put in your fitness routine.


Well, this one is not necessarily a business but rather an account that chooses to share healthy recipes. If you want to reach your fitness goals, you have to exercise regularly and more importantly eat right. Disclaimer, you do need an Instagram account to access her page, but once you are there she does an amazing job of showing how to make the food she makes including the ingredients. They are all easy to make and best of all, good for you.

The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle

When I first discovered this business, I felt I had been missing out all my life. If you are like me and love food, and I do not mean just any food, I mean the bad tasty food. You will definitely love Zach Rocheleaus' page and business. Just have a quick glance at his Instagram page by tapping his business name above.

Is your mouth watering yet? The great thing about his recipes are they have a great macronutrient count and taste amazing. Basically macronutrient is what you eat in a day.



Dirtybird Energy Soap 

Dirtybird Energy offers naturally effective soap formulated by professionals with a very unique approach. Sustainable manufacturing methods using only truly natural ingredients are used to protect future generations and improve health, while specific formulas allow users to increase productivity. They offer bar soaps, body wash, hand soap, bath soaks, and even body lotion. So whether you are a bar soap or a body wash kind of person, you will definitely find something for you on their site.

There are a lot more fitness small business I could name, but start with these six and help make someone's dreams come true. If you know of other small fitness businesses, please comment below.

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