Gift Ideas For An Active Man and An Active Woman

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It's that time of year again! If you are like us at Shakolo, you live for this season. Not because of gifts (well maybe a little...) but rather the opportunities it gives families to spending quality time together.
So what happens when you know a man or a woman who dedicates themselves to living a healthy lifestyle, and you are unsure of what to get them. Well, this article will be the perfect place to start, and hopefully finish.

Gym Accessories

You are probably thinking, accessories for men? Guess what? Men like an extent. There are many options for gym accessories to give your active loved one, accessories such as belts, gripz, knees supports, straps, the list goes on. So here are our top three for men & women.
Men Women
RDX Belt - Will provide essential spinal support for his heavy weight lifting WOLFpak Gym Bag - The perfect bag for any active goer and they make it in pink...if she's into pink
WOLFpak Gym Bag - Spacious backpacks for his busy life. Enough pockets for his accessories and meal prep. Wrist Straps - That extra grip support needed when she is working on building strength
Wrist Straps - When he is trying to beat his personal best weight limit, these stocking fillers are the perfect support he will need Resistance Bands - These are a must have for every active woman. They help build strength, flexibility, and mobility.



The Whoop strap is the most advanced fitness and health wearable available. It monitors recovery, sleep, training, and health, with personalized recommendations and coaching feedback. Not only will the active woman or man in your life be able to monitor his or her health, but also be able to learn where he or she is overexerting, as well. The website gives you an option to buy the app and the strap as a gift . This gadget and battery pack are so light and waterproof(up to 10 meters & 2 for hours) so he/she can wirelessly charge even while in the shower, sauna, or washing dishes.

Fitness Clothes

 I hope you are not surprised to see this option here. A person cannot have too many fitness clothes. Not to toot our own horn, but he/she will love getting our unisex joggers. Made of a mixture of textiles that make them soft on the outside and on the inside. They're perfect for a workout, or running errands around town, and even lounging on the couch. Another option are t-shirts, just like the joggers, having options is always a great idea.

Gym Shoes

A great pair of gym shoes should offer support, stability, and above all comfort. It is always hard to know which brand or style are good options. The answer is, it all depends on the kind of exercise.

For the Cardio enthusiast, the On Running Cloudflyer is the best place to start. Their trademark soles offer comfort and stability making it a perfect combination for his/her run and/or HIIT session. These lightweight shoes will have him/her feel like they are walking on clouds.

For the crossfitter in your life, the Under Armour UA TriBase Reign 3 Trainers (men , women) are a perfect fit. These trainers have a low TriBase that will increase his/her contact with the ground for power and stability and allows the foot to flex naturally.

Lastly, our weightlifters and powerlifters. They too require shoes that are flat as they offer better contact with floor, and engages all the muscles in the feet. Also, choosing high tops help provide ankle protection. There are several shoes that fit the bill, but the one to start with is by Gorilla wear. A brand that has been in the bodybuilding industry since the 80's, so you know they know their craft. They make shoes that are functional, and of high quality standards.


Even if you do not celebrate the holiday season, there will be other days you celebrate that will require a gift for an active man and/or woman in your life. This article will come in handy then.

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