This Women’s Day, let’s get strong and stand together to fight Domestic Violence!

Domestic abuse has always been prevalent in our society, whether we recognize it or not. It has always been a severe and pervasive problem with devastating consequences for victims, their families and friends, and the larger community. 

Domestic violence is defined as the accused's abuse of power over another person in an intimate or close familial relationship in order to keep complete control over that person in every aspect. The use of physical or emotional force, or the fear of physical strength, is referred to as coercion. Physical, psychological, financial, sexual, and coercive control are examples of control. Domestic violence is a concept that encompasses more than just physical abuse. Emotional torture, property destruction, isolation from friends, family, and other potential sources of support, threats to others, including children, stalking, and control over money, personal goods, food, transportation, and communication with others are all part of it. Unfortunately, domestic violence is still considered to be caused by drinking and drugs, that it is an anger management issue, or that it is a private affair between a couple.

According to global studies, every 1 in 4 women has experienced domestic violence in their lifetimes. The figures are disturbing, and research shows that the pandemic has worsened factors that lead to intimate partner violence, such as loneliness, sadness and anxiety, and alcohol abuse, as well as limiting access to support services.


Why are these numbers so high?

The first thing that would come into everyone’s mind is “Men”, their “ego”, their “ I am superior” attitude, their “power”. But is it only just men?? Are they solely responsible for the increase in these numbers?  What if women could start raising their voices without fear? What if women could start taking a stand for themselves? What if they get support and the courage to say “NO”?  Wouldn't it be a little easy to fight against domestic violence?

So, what keeps women from leaving an abusive relationship? Why do they always remain silent and put up with everything? According to research, there are several factors that prevent women from leaving an abusive relationship, including emotional and physical threats, financial constraints, psychological trauma, and humiliation, all of which act as roadblocks towards change. 

It's past time to stop encouraging abuse and start standing up for what's right. It's essential to speak up against domestic violence, whether you're the victim or a friend or family member witnessing it. It is time to raise awareness that if they can put up with violence for so long, they are strong enough to overcome any obstacles.   

You're not alone, I promise
Standing together, we can do anything!

Who is Saoirse?

Saoirse Domestic Violence Services (SDVS)

They work to provide safe, supportive and confidential services for women and children experiencing domestic violence. Their vision is to reach and support an ever-increasing number of families in Irish Society who deserve respect, dignity, safety and freedom from domestic violence. Through their professional, caring, and committed team, their primary focus remains their commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of their operations and the services they offer to their clients and the community.

What do they do?

  • Emotional Support to women who have/are experiencing domestic violence of any form.
  • Confidential non-judgemental support. They do not offer advice but can help provide you with information about your options.
  • Practical Support & Information on accessing legal options, housing, social welfare, medical assistance, rights & entitlements, including immigration services.
  • Referral & advocacy to appropriate services
  • Referral path to Refuge accommodation or Outreach / Court support.

They also have a specific feature called "exit-site," which is designed for people who are constantly worried about being watched or threatened.

After using the website, this feature will delete all of your browser histories from your device. So don’t wait and take a step towards freedom and change!


Call Now - 01-4630000 or visit their website for more information. You can also find your local helpline


Fundraiser for Women's Day!

We, at Shakolo, have teamed up with SDVS and all sale profits from March 7th - March 9th will be directly donated to SDVS. So anything that you buy from our website will help someone fight against domestic violence.

Let us give a small hand of contribution to support and give courage to these women and children and help them fight.

Glimpse of our limited edition Women’s Day fundraiser Unisex Organic t-shirts

Release Date March 7th

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